So I got into audio-books in January or so, starting with The Hare With Amber Eyes. Because listening at home meant that I’d get distracted and miss things, I started taking long, directionless walks in order to get through the text (sic?) The Hare With Amber eyes is good for this, being compelling but ethereal, I recommend it.

More recently, I decided to consume White Noise in the same way. During that period of my life when everyone was reading DeLillo, I had some sort of aversion to him that was totally sui-generis. Unfortunately, despite having no external basis, this prejudice was completely correct. White Noise is bad.

The book is from ’85, which I guess sort of makes the flabbiness of the critique of consumer culture easier to understand, but it also means that he was an early adopter of the reactionary line in the departmental culture-war phenomenon. Kind of weak (just like his writing.)


The other day I spaced out and ended up near work a bit early the other day, so I wandered around and took pictures. In direct contravention of my usual position on these things, they were mostly horizontal.

People say that depressives respond better to times of great trouble, given that they always feel bad. While I want to reassure you that this is absolutely false, I have been looking at all of this collapse in a fairly abstracted way. I guess I have been focusing on the scope of the injustice, and the degree to which it would be so much better if we had managed to be only slightly less venal as a society. With these things as a focus, the moment of crisis isn’t so traumatic. I’ve been sneering at people who say I’ve been too pessimistic about this outcome for 20 years*.

*(I know that this arc has been going on for a long time before W’s election, but I think that there was a possibility for other — and perhaps even less horrible — results before then. I also know that “outcome” is a little specious here.)