Good News for a Change

In a dramatic coup, the collection of Kim’s Video will be saved from what seemed to be inevitable oblivion by being shipped to Italy, where it will be cared for in a town that is being run as a social experiment by artists and their fruity ilk.

I am deeply favorably inclined towards advances in technology, and it always makes me very sad when something bad happens as a direct result of progress (as such.) The Kim’s shutdown announcement fell into this category, and at the time I was pretty pessimistic that anything would come of it. The fact of the matter is, a massive archive like Kim’s possesses is a ton of work, especially as its new owner is obliged to expand it. In this day and age, this sort of thing seems increasingly impractical. Of course, as David Lynch notes, the advances in convenience can come at the expense of quality, which is the most important reason for preserving something like the Kim’s archive. Somebody has to remember how this stuff is supposed to look.

Apparently there has been a lot of bitching about the collection leaving NYC, and the US. Of course, none of these people were consistent enough customers that this didn’t have to happen in the first place, and on balance I think it’s just another example of how stupid New York has become. Fuck that dead-end town, move that stuff somewhere where it will be appreciated.

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