So in my new incarnation as the sort of person who owns a mouth-guard I went to Vancouver Washington for an honest-to-goodness Kung Fu tournament. I had sort of hoped to take pictures, but I spent a lot of time keeping scores, and it’s also hard to get photos when you are, you know, fighting. I got second place out of three, which is a paradigm case for f(x) = glass is half x, but I was pretty pleased. As it was my first tournament the goal that I had set for myself was to fight twice (i.e.: to not lose my only match), so that was a success.

Today, in my incarnation as the sort of person who takes classes in the hopes of improving upon his career I went and bought a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It was one-hundred and fifty dollars, and the fucking screen doesn’t have a backlight!

So there’s the range of activities.

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