Random Minutiae

Here is a blog post in which the author compares reviews on sites like Google Maps (or, of course, horrible places like Citysearch and Yelp) to the fragments that Benjamin collected for his Arcades Project. Now the author seems (from his post’s title, at least) to be amused primarily by the insight the “review” grants into the psyches of the dramatically overentitled, but I think it’s also intriguing inasmuch as our banker-hero decides that a place is cool, and then the obvious next step is to mold the place to her/his tastes. Everything homogenizes so much that you might as well remake all of it after your own tastes. Horrible, really.

At any rate, here are some pictures I took in the bath:

Yoshi high-fiving himself.

Slightly less chickey-leggy than the last shot.

Refreshed, I went out into the world.

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