As you may or may not know, Hai Nan Chicken Rice is an amazing invention, and a real testament to the glory of human enterprise. I recently became aware of a local food cart that serves this divine dish in downtown Portland and decided to check it out. After dropping by the weekend-before-last and finding it closed unexpectedly, I decided to hit it up for lunch today.

So you know, there are only two tables in front of it, and the food cart people are very territorial, which I suppose is understandable, so you can’t grab the next table over because it’s got a big sign on it and people will yell at you and blah blah blah, right? So that shouldn’t really matter, because hey, parks! There are all kinds of places to sit down there.

On a normal day. Because it’s more or less the end of the world, it started hailing while I was waiting for my order, and the most important concern to bear in mind when building public structures is to make sure they don’t have any roofs that might allow a homeless person to find comfort within them. If you think I exaggerate, consider where I did manage to find a seat and a roof that I could use together:


That’s right, you can sit down and get out of the rain at the same time, but it has to be in a fucking fountain. This is, I think, pretty emblematic of America’s decline into a nation of worthless selfish scumbags when the solution to problems created by reduced social services is to make urban space more hostile.

For what it’s worth, Yang’s is great.

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