What I’m Up To (to what am I up?)

So I’m really sort of not putting much here. I suppose that reflects, in a way, a certain malaise, which is bad. Malaise makes one ma-lazy, and then nothing useful happens. Here’s what I’m doing:

Working, of course. Temboo is a little hectic, on account of my currently being its only QA engineer. Mostly I just look at our upcoming website release and thinking, “ooh, that’s not right.” I kind of feel as if the current pace unassisted is sort of creating a deficit against future work when I try to get the damned automation scripts back together (because they’re a mess right now.)

On the weekends I’m helping Matthew on a side project. To this end I’m trying to get it together to do Android 2d graphics stuff. The going has seemed a little slow, but enough of it is penetrating that I feel reasonably confident that I’ll be able to do useful things soon.

So that’s it for the main. Hopefully I’ll get it together to talk about it more frequently going forward.

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