Something Actually Interesting About Malcolm Gladwell

Background information:

As you are probably aware, Malcolm Gladwell is a man who makes his living repackaging conventional wisdom with glib, offbeat twists. He allows the dullest of the hegemonically enfranchised to feel clever and iconoclastic, so he’s quite a success.

You may also know that Neil Gaiman is a fantastic comic writer, and a perhaps somewhat rougher novelist. He is also married to Amanda (Fucking) Palmer, but that’s neither here nor there. Slightly more salient is that his hair is beautiful enough to corrupt to American legal system.

Bear these facts in mind as you read the following dialog.

Me.: What are you doing?

C.: Reading the New York Times.

Me.: Yeah, how are rich people saving the world?

C.: (baleful glare)

Me.: What does Malcolm Gladwell say about it?

C.: I don’t know.

Me.: Can’t hear him through his hair?

So then C says she doesn’t know what Malcolm Gladwell looks like, so we head to Google Image Search. She just searches by name, my search string is “does malcolm gladwell look retarded or what?” The whole point of this post is that one of the images that this search returned was this one:

So there you have it, in a sufficiently strong wind, Neil Gaiman’s justice-destroying hair makes him look like Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a crazy world.

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