The Stupid Past, The Stupid Future

I gave up on reading Great Expectations. The sanctimony overcame the quirky humor, and I couldn’t be bothered to keep track of what was going on any more. Now I’m reading Wuthering Heights, mostly because of Hark, a Vagrant. It’s way better, although every single character is totally fucking loathsome. Almost as bad as Austen, in that regard.

Speaking of loathsome, the previously observed race to the bottom of the Facebook-UI-emulation barrel continues apace with Gmail and WordPress’ control panel being the latest things that I use to become completely fucking horrible. It’s enough to make me hope that rich fucks do in the global economy completely so I’ll be too poor to see it get any worse.

One thought on “The Stupid Past, The Stupid Future”

  1. say it isn’t so! Great Expectations is Dickens at his best! Of COURSE it is sanctimonious, but it is still awesome. Jeeze.

    Wuthering Heights is dorky, dorky, dorky,dorky, dorky, dorky,etc.

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