So I’m still pretty dazed. I was not able to replicate the feat of working first thing in the morning, but I’m going to continue to go to bed at an hour that will accommodate that act should I miraculously recover from my lingering illness overnight. This evening I started on design stuff, although I was hampered by the fact that I don’t have a very clear vision of what I want the page to look like. Still, blocking out some functional regions isn’t nothing. Let’s go with Doyle again.

“But I am so frightened!’ I panted.

“We have retained Lestrade, whom you helped in the grounds very nicely, Doctor,” he remarked after a painful and lingering disease, was never so much as I bent over her face blanched with terror, her hands in his chair and let me have a confused memory, too, of having abstracted it from the road to the whip, but before I speak.”

I had brought up and down the street, and I should—”

“Yes, it was the horrid scar which had been drawn from him by a person on Monday, at eleven o’clock, to Duncan Ross, and I stay at home. Tell us the bet is off, that is it.” It was damp, marshy ground, as is in a friendly footing?”

Holmes rose and sat down at me. “I find it as the dropping of a government appointment in the moonlight, and it has been here. I gave a little cry of satisfaction. For a long building, which proved, upon my companion, “I am no doubt strike you.”

“Oh, Anstruther would do you conceal yourselves behind those. Then, when I found how I employed my morning, or I may say before this gentleman and ascertaining what part he has little time, but come!’

“Yes, it was a good deal of brandy and smoked a cigar after all the morning until four in the course of action. I surprised you by beating upon her face. More than once observed to be the position in which we might give the alarm. If you two will take wiser heads than yours or mine,” he remarked, and bowing in a yellow-backed novel, and moving my chair a little disturbed, ‘did you give your casting vote to?”

Slow Preparation

So I decided to do something crazy. This morning I woke up early and actually did MG work before signing in at Temboo. I think it was a success. I just messed around with the templates that generate the web page, but it’s important not to let that stuff fall by the wayside. Obviously, I don’t have a particularly strong design mentality, but I’m trying to get over that. In fact, making stuff look nice is probably what I’m going to be focusing on all week. We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s something from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

“Now, Mr. Holmes, and my wife as an old house, I may have afforded a finer field for the business to a more mysterious and inexplicable chain of events as narrated by this German who is at her and, as I have had to confess that I saw Arthur with the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and he had spent so short a time in Pentonville. One day he had not. Was there a few others which represent at least the initials of K. K. K. K. K. K., and why I did not advertise.”


“It missed him, then?”

“Oh, my God! Helen! It was no doubt that she alone had touched his heart. The devil knows best what he foresaw happened.”

“No, no; I call him a decidedly nautical appearance, and he seemed a different man to the roots of his chair, with his head on one side and looked back. It took all his strength of body and mind and fearless in carrying out her hand over his grounds and are residing alone in London.’

“Yes, sir. He and a perpetual smell of drink. Twice since I saw him motion like a pistol shot. Do you note the peculiar construction of the stairs, however, she met her end. Besides, there were no carpets and no confession could make out nothing save that the increased salary may recompense you for this last London season. I met him first at the rocket, rushed from the pool I heard a low, clear whistle, but the greeting appeared to read aloud to him.

“So much for the ugly wound upon my father.”

“My last client of the house where he was a few minutes he

Deep Breath

So I got what was probably a flu this weekend, but I draw on a deep (viscous, polychromatic) well of experience when I tell you that in terms of symptoms it was indistinguishable from bronchitis. Now I’m really behind on everything. Also, I still feel like I’m on drugs even though I’m not and I have had both a headache and two earaches during most of the day. It is. . . not ideal.

“Ramirez the vagabond.”

The great mass of cloud filling the head of the saved silver he rubbed his hands upon Decoud. On his reddish-brown face, worn, hollowed as if from another door, advanced, portly and anxious, inclining her fine, black-browed head, opening her arms, and got better after a moment while he sits and watches the light of investigation can ever reach the rudimentary intelligence of Pedro Montero, Chief of the populace, that would calm down slowly at last, were very complete, too. Sometimes on the same fanatical fearlessness with which he was not so intimate terms. But no one could look at the mobility of expression.

“My chronometer!” Captain Mitchell had been leaning in the obscure disarray of that girl,” he said to himself—

“Do you mean by impossible? I tell you I am going to propose my own conflicting emotions. And after all these Spanish Dons. He had told her, with no end of the world like a lost child crying in a straight course for all that foolishness, while he swam. He had to be calm. He tried to understand a word while he signed a few minutes ago, and I let him grow rich quicker now. He hesitated the space of a gaudy bathing robe, stood by, wearing a light engine, and had walked in advance, and gone cold all over in his hand, like a besieged city.

“Ha! Old Giorgio—the guardian of thine honour! Fancy the Vecchio coming upon me that if I may?”

“Eh! I have seen that. He had been cut off from the ground. At the turn of events. And it came into her heart, that sense even the most anxious and patriotic hero than ideas of adoration, of kissing the hem

Nostromo is fucking grim, but I think we’ve got a little of the goofiness that motivates Markov Garden in this one.

Heard it Before

So other aspects of life continue to keep me busy. I did bother to pick out another source text: Nostromo.

Decoud had died. But he could show an authorization from the mine; and, besides, there was a portentous sign; that the game of children. He gazed down upon each cart; of raised arms in a few coastguard cutters, there were incipient tears in his gig to one and all, like so many chances of existence are involved, a desire to leave things and all the departures and arrivals of the ground of her mind that nothing but a common cause, the symbol of the silver preyed on his way to the highest pitch, his eyes and looked on with compressed lips. The crowd stared literally open-mouthed, lost in Sulaco for a constantly diminishing quantity of snuff out of it (the print was small) he had supposed to be accepted. This feeling made the letters from Sulaco were not a gleam of a night or two.”

“Yes, everybody knows of now. I don’t ask what it behoved him to be alone—with his dead wife with a general and have been something final, and busied herself with a slightly different view,” the doctor asked, eagerly.

“God knows!” said Charles Gould’s polite silence; and when, stopping abruptly, he fell himself shot through the night he made that overland journey from London to Sta. Marta had credited him with an undismayed mind, but with a nail driven into her little feet, in white and enormous moustaches of the mothers with the most absurd fidelity. I am one of the whole Costaguana section of the main body, no stir of formless shapes on the march to Rome he had studied in Rome, and could not conceal her love for Antonia. For all his mad state he recognized his compadre and jumped up as if the tremendous disclosure of this reputation he

I have, however, been thinking about Markov Garden. In particular, I’ve been thinking that a big part of the problem is that in using Ruby’s built-in hash class to keep track of things at the top level, I’m dooming myself to really long insertion times once I get deep into a book (because if a book has a lot of words, you may well have to search through the entire list of keys in order to determine a new word has to receive its own entry.) I’ve been pondering paths around this, and think that I have a couple of reasonable candidates.

Apologetic Shakespeare

So I didn’t post last night because I was out with Matthew. In my defense, we spent a lot of time talking about Markov Garden, and I think that it helped to clarify some logistical questions. I am still mostly working on kind of clarifying things to myself, but I think I’ll be back to the web stuff tomorrow.

4. A ship at sea.’ He also subdivided the scenes as given by the lesser legs: if any be Trinculo’s legs, these are people of the isle is full of pleasure:

In few, they hurried us aboard a bark,

Calls her a nonpareil: I never saw a woman,

Trin. Nor go neither; but you’ll lie, like dogs, and yet say nothing neither.

For he’s a bastard one—had plotted with them

139. Scene iv. Pope.

O, my heart bleeds

205 Shall hoodwink this mischance: therefore speak softly.

Are nobly undergone, and most poor matters

105, 106. ambition growing] ambition Growing Steevens.

Come] Come forth Steevens.


To the dulling of my bones: I shall discharge

It sounds no more: and, sure, it waits upon

Ste. Trinculo, if you trouble him any more of this?


Seb. No; he doth but mistake the truth is that in Arabia

68. O] O my Pope. O thou S. Walker conj.

280, 281. business … hour.] hour … business. Farmer conj.

Rich garments, linens, stuffs and necessaries,

To whom I give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian. Legged like a duck, I’ll be thy second.

Supposing that they always use to laugh at nothing still.

Pros. Before the time of servitude, ‘within two days,’ I. 2. 125 Trin. O, forgive me my sins!

320. come forth!] come forth, thou tortoise! when?

When it is baked with frost.

35 Chiefly that I

More Planning

So I don’t remember if I covered this earlier, but the idea is that one day all of this will go up on the internet and you’ll be able to visit a web page and use it to goof off to your heart’s content. The reason that this matters now is that the parser is as good as it’s going to be until I figure out where all of this is getting hosted. For now, I’m going to go back to working on the web side of things for a while.

This used The Tempest as its source.

310 And thence retire me to a sailor, Go hang!

Seb. We would so, and after two days I’ll discharge thee.’

He’s but a lost monster.

Ari. Prospero my lord Antonio?

In dignity, and for the prize I’ll bring thee forth brave brood.

She said thou wast my daughter; and thy dog, and thy dog, and thy dog, and thy dog, and thy dog, and thy bush.

Ant. Ay, sir; where lies that? if ’twere a kibe,

Ari. All hail, great master! grave sir, hail! I come

There’s meaning in thy likeness: if thou beest a good dulness,

110 And to my proud earth;—why hath thy queen

60 Now useless, boil’d within thy skull! There stand,

Ceres’ blessing so is on you.

5 Fright me with urchin-shows, pitch me i’ the blood: be more abstemious,

Gon. All things in common nature should bring forth,

45 Did quarrel with the office of bottle-bearer.

120. Good … sons] Theobald suggested that these lines formed a rhyming couplet.

53. Scene iv. Pope.

Juno and Ceres whisper seriously;

Must fill, or else my project fails,

Till half an hour hence.

70 The manage of my life,

You sunburnt sicklemen, of August weary,

Having seen but him and Caliban: foolish wench!

Hast strangely stood the test: here, afore Heaven,

Courtsied when you have done yourself some wrong. See this phrase used in a month recount what thou else

And bring thee to

To hear the last of our sea-sorrow.

There are

I’m sort of surprised that it broke things into individual lines but didn’t end up starting them with character names. Again, something vitally important is no doubt being expressed here.

Also, I’m home again.

More Like T-FU-8

So I discovered Ruby’s Iconv module, and can once again give you samples from Ulysses.

KITTY: (JUMPS UP) O, they played that on earth but he didnt know her so deeply that she could see what he never ate.

—Let’s hear the other hand a sixfooter or at least has been wardmaid there any letters for her time after at mass when my husband again into his armpit Bantam Lyons’ voice and hand it was a fellow into one of Britain’s fighting men who helped to close the seance.

What am I to Lenehan. You look as though they had only exchanged glances of the satellite of their lawful embraces. He is robed as a boy he being confined to his elders, wills to be any music. Pity. Who has the key. Buck Mulligan turned suddenly for an advertisement you must look at his summer residence in Dublin, number thirteen Fitzgibbon street: of his cometary orbit, beyond the sea, he said, laughingly, Stephen, that is another pair of greenish goggles which he described in his skull lent indeed a colour or a negress or a negress or a dozen gamehogs and cottonball barons. That’s the bucko that’ll organise her, take my leg for a wife. Quite a boy. Dion Boucicault business with pleasure. But who? That was a flower is born of two or four eyes conversing, Christus or Bloom his cider drank, Lidwell his Guinness, second gentleman said they would both have brekky, simple but perfectly served, for their lies then why don’t all women are always egging on to the baldpink lollard costard, guiltless though maligned.

—Tom Kernan was immense last night, he said.

A voiceless song sang from within the hall and down the steps from Leahy’s terrace prudently, Frauenzimmer: and down as far as politics themselves were concerned, he was at his age.


So I went to saw this tonight. It was a beautiful and moving production and a wonderful meditation on certain important things, but that’s not why I mention it. I mention it because it contained several Chinese songs translated in a way that would have made Walter Benjamin extremely happy. In addition to the inherent charm of such things, I also noted that the illumination that such a thing casts on its original text is not unlike the things I notice looking at chains made from texts to which I am attached. I’m not positive what there is to mine there, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth looking at more closely.

Something about the modifications that I made to the HTML parser since I last used Ulysses as an input text have made it more sensitive to encoding foibles than it was in the past. I guess that’s an important insight into my future. I should really start thinking about a consistent way to handle things like that. For now, another go-round with The Prince.

The Duke Valentino had returned from Lombardy, where he was using, would not be friendly to Pagolo Guinigi in command at Lucca, Castruccio set out for Imola at the summit where the Florentines’ lay, he decided not to err for fear lest they be permitted in a few little fishes, and I do not rule them; and although they formerly made some display and appeared valiant amongst themselves, and this alliance, which caused him to power, and I do not care, and I allow myself to be more loved; and unless extraordinary vices cause him to be able to injure the Bentivogli; and he who conspires against a few, but this they did not allow any of my death with more audacity command her.

Charles the Seventh,(*) the father of Alexander the Great Council was to Julius II finally formed the Holy League against France, and his glory; as also were strangled in the Florentines, and strengthened himself with the rest have failed. Pope Julius the Second Chancery, the Ten of Liberty and Peace. Here we are concerned with those events, and with arms in their day, have had no reason to fear them. But as in carrying them into a chamber hung with silk and paved with fine stones representing flowers and foliage of the expenses of it. A treaty was concluded with them against the quarters of the ability of Moses; that the fortresses, which he overcame with the mountaineers, and worked matters so in Pistoia that both his and others), it so came to a banquet and put them to take vengeance on his right hand, the bases of which it is one of those vices which will always be considered honest, and he who conspires against a few, but this not being possible, he

Fed to the Lines

So I’m in Ashland for the long weekend, but I managed to do some hacking in the plane. Now the generated text includes paragraphs! Exciting. Of course, the process of adding them has made the random text generator 3 times more inefficient, but we can leave that for later. In the mean time, Machiavelli:

In 1500 he was the kingdom of Naples. But let us return whence we started. I say that, on the pursuit of which he was a case of need. When the “History of Florence,” gives us a picture of the Venetians and Florentines formerly extended their dominions by these continual discussions there could be done. In a short time the emperor ceased to hold securely the state, still less in the enterprise, in exchange for the utmost diligence to avoid those things which ought to entertain the people to arms and fortunes of Florence, and Messer Antonio da Venafro as the governments of Europe rely on his back, or if any of my acting thus for thou hast learnt to believe and to the throne, he moved against the other; which course will always be as keys to that kingdom; because, having always kept both orders in their own laws and good faith, and to bring success and honour to him to it. This occurred on the point to die.

I say, therefore, that in entirely new principalities as I said Nabis the Spartan did.

But concerning his intentions. Ugucionne cursed the hesitation and cowardice of his “Art of War.” It was here that Castruccio far excelled his companions in courage and hope with which all difficulties are prior to getting possession, because they fly, but they are about. Therefore a wise and able man to discuss them, because their alliance will bring thee advantages and security. It is seen also that I may catch a whale”; and this is Il Taro, afterwards Allesandria, Capua, Genoa, Vaila, Bologna, Mestri.(*)

When all the other under Pagolo, and the other hand, Castruccio reached Montecarlo with his greatness of the cavalry. The horses, alarmed by the Church

It is seen also that I may catch a whale!

More Tables

Another picture of the HTML representation of the probability table.

Hopefully this makes a little sense. The word in bold is the current word, the word in the left column is the previous word, and the list of words on the right are words that follow, and the number of times that they occur. Thus we see that “Machiavelli was absent” occurs once in the text, while “Machiavelli was sent” occurs twice. This also means that I’m consuming front matter in which I am not actually interested, so there is more tinkering to be done.