Apologetic Shakespeare

So I didn’t post last night because I was out with Matthew. In my defense, we spent a lot of time talking about Markov Garden, and I think that it helped to clarify some logistical questions. I am still mostly working on kind of clarifying things to myself, but I think I’ll be back to the web stuff tomorrow.

4. A ship at sea.’ He also subdivided the scenes as given by the lesser legs: if any be Trinculo’s legs, these are people of the isle is full of pleasure:

In few, they hurried us aboard a bark,

Calls her a nonpareil: I never saw a woman,

Trin. Nor go neither; but you’ll lie, like dogs, and yet say nothing neither.

For he’s a bastard one—had plotted with them

139. Scene iv. Pope.

O, my heart bleeds

205 Shall hoodwink this mischance: therefore speak softly.

Are nobly undergone, and most poor matters

105, 106. ambition growing] ambition Growing Steevens.

Come] Come forth Steevens.


To the dulling of my bones: I shall discharge

It sounds no more: and, sure, it waits upon

Ste. Trinculo, if you trouble him any more of this?


Seb. No; he doth but mistake the truth is that in Arabia

68. O] O my Pope. O thou S. Walker conj.

280, 281. business … hour.] hour … business. Farmer conj.

Rich garments, linens, stuffs and necessaries,

To whom I give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian. Legged like a duck, I’ll be thy second.

Supposing that they always use to laugh at nothing still.

Pros. Before the time of servitude, ‘within two days,’ I. 2. 125 Trin. O, forgive me my sins!

320. come forth!] come forth, thou tortoise! when?

When it is baked with frost.

35 Chiefly that I

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