So I went to saw this tonight. It was a beautiful and moving production and a wonderful meditation on certain important things, but that’s not why I mention it. I mention it because it contained several Chinese songs translated in a way that would have made Walter Benjamin extremely happy. In addition to the inherent charm of such things, I also noted that the illumination that such a thing casts on its original text is not unlike the things I notice looking at chains made from texts to which I am attached. I’m not positive what there is to mine there, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth looking at more closely.

Something about the modifications that I made to the HTML parser since I last used Ulysses as an input text have made it more sensitive to encoding foibles than it was in the past. I guess that’s an important insight into my future. I should really start thinking about a consistent way to handle things like that. For now, another go-round with The Prince.

The Duke Valentino had returned from Lombardy, where he was using, would not be friendly to Pagolo Guinigi in command at Lucca, Castruccio set out for Imola at the summit where the Florentines’ lay, he decided not to err for fear lest they be permitted in a few little fishes, and I do not rule them; and although they formerly made some display and appeared valiant amongst themselves, and this alliance, which caused him to power, and I do not care, and I allow myself to be more loved; and unless extraordinary vices cause him to be able to injure the Bentivogli; and he who conspires against a few, but this they did not allow any of my death with more audacity command her.

Charles the Seventh,(*) the father of Alexander the Great Council was to Julius II finally formed the Holy League against France, and his glory; as also were strangled in the Florentines, and strengthened himself with the rest have failed. Pope Julius the Second Chancery, the Ten of Liberty and Peace. Here we are concerned with those events, and with arms in their day, have had no reason to fear them. But as in carrying them into a chamber hung with silk and paved with fine stones representing flowers and foliage of the expenses of it. A treaty was concluded with them against the quarters of the ability of Moses; that the fortresses, which he overcame with the mountaineers, and worked matters so in Pistoia that both his and others), it so came to a banquet and put them to take vengeance on his right hand, the bases of which it is one of those vices which will always be considered honest, and he who conspires against a few, but this not being possible, he

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