More Like T-FU-8

So I discovered Ruby’s Iconv module, and can once again give you samples from Ulysses.

KITTY: (JUMPS UP) O, they played that on earth but he didnt know her so deeply that she could see what he never ate.

—Let’s hear the other hand a sixfooter or at least has been wardmaid there any letters for her time after at mass when my husband again into his armpit Bantam Lyons’ voice and hand it was a fellow into one of Britain’s fighting men who helped to close the seance.

What am I to Lenehan. You look as though they had only exchanged glances of the satellite of their lawful embraces. He is robed as a boy he being confined to his elders, wills to be any music. Pity. Who has the key. Buck Mulligan turned suddenly for an advertisement you must look at his summer residence in Dublin, number thirteen Fitzgibbon street: of his cometary orbit, beyond the sea, he said, laughingly, Stephen, that is another pair of greenish goggles which he described in his skull lent indeed a colour or a negress or a negress or a dozen gamehogs and cottonball barons. That’s the bucko that’ll organise her, take my leg for a wife. Quite a boy. Dion Boucicault business with pleasure. But who? That was a flower is born of two or four eyes conversing, Christus or Bloom his cider drank, Lidwell his Guinness, second gentleman said they would both have brekky, simple but perfectly served, for their lies then why don’t all women are always egging on to the baldpink lollard costard, guiltless though maligned.

—Tom Kernan was immense last night, he said.

A voiceless song sang from within the hall and down the steps from Leahy’s terrace prudently, Frauenzimmer: and down as far as politics themselves were concerned, he was at his age.

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