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Will and Representation

Posted on February 12, 2012 in Computrons

So today was kind of theoretical for the most part. I drew a big diagram for something I need to take care of going forward. To be more specific, I outlined how I’d get an easy to read representation of the probability table once it has been built. The reason for this is that right now there is now way to check that the overall structure is working the way that I’d like it to. At some point (like hopefully tomorrow) I have to find a very short document, figure out what I’d like the table built from it to look like by hand, and then compare it to the results from my parser. This will be daunting, but I think it will also be very satisfying.

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Speaking of not being sure that things are working correctly: the HTML parser is clearly broken, and only the fact that running it takes a million years has kept me from noticing that. Well, at least there is an obvious problem to track down.

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