Forgotten Dreams

I have now been sick for a week. I’m certainly improving, but it’s a little disheartening. I’m ready to not be sick any more. I’m still not used to the new schedule, but today that manifested by waking up very early, so I got a lot done. The web stuff is more or less functional, so I think I’m going to go back to the parser until I can get it to serialize something worth storing in a database. Who knows how long that will be.

Tonight I didn’t work on it at all. Instead I watched Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which I think was very good for me. Now I’m going to read Tintin for a while and hopefully turn in.

One thought on “Forgotten Dreams”

  1. We all got the plague too. It was tres awful and, on my last day of sickness, Chris got it and was underwater for a week.

    I’ve been too blue for Herzog recently, though I have heard the film is uplifting in its francophillic way. I do regret not seeing it in 3D a little.

    We should get a drink this weekend if you have time and energy.

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