Say, What’s the Big Idea?

While disappointing, it isn’t particularly surprising that Prometheus is bad. What is a bit remarkable is how far reaching the lousiness is. In general with something like this you expect some redeeming features, but something (hint, it’s the writing) at the heart of Prometheus is so bad that it taints the acting (characterizations were so flat that nobody had anything to work with) and the direction (script was clearly in a massive hurry, so nothing gets the time it would take to make it compelling). I went in hoping for some scenes or performances that I could really enjoy, but aside from the android watching Laurence of Arabia at the beginning, there was nothing to redeem this slog.

It’s also really a shame that people are saying that this is a movie full of big ideas. The retreat from the interesting that began the 21st Century has become such a success that “What if god was an alien?!?!?” gets to be a big idea again.

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