Cloud to Butt

During my most recent excursion to Yachats, C and I had planned to do some tinkering on Futility Now. Unfortunately, I forgot my laptop’s power cable, which put us at something of a disadvantage. I did some hacking right on The Gibson (which is to say, the deeply unsanitary WordPress theme editing panes that live right in its control panel,) but the thrill didn’t last for as long as I might have hoped.

I went back to Cloud 9, which I had signed up for early in the year (in fact, I think I did it the last time I was at Ocean Haven), but hadn’t gotten much satisfaction from. In a lot of ways it seems much cooler, but it still doesn’t work in Safari or Chrome on the iPad. This is also true of Ace (the editor used by Cloud 9), so I guess the problem is deeply rooted. It seems like a shame, since Cloud 9 and the iPad seem like an obvious match. I was, however, able to make more complicated changes using C’s work computer which would have been very difficult to set up for useful work, as it’s a high school IT department-maintained Windows machine.

I poked around at some other online IDEs, but a lot of them use Ace. The only one that seems to accommodate the iPad is Eclipse’s Orion, but to really get it to do stuff it seems like they want you to host a copy. I guess in theory I could do something to that effect, but it wasn’t within the scope of my vacation.

This is what a guy who comes home from a beach vacation and talks about online IDEs looks like.


Here is the Cloud-to-Butt Chrome extension.

Here is the greatest commit in the history of version control.

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