So it was Valentine’s day yesterday and C came up briefly, and then I sat in the bath and read The Line of Beauty and cried softly to myself. Consequently, no post. Today I met some work people for lunch and rolled up to Alberta afterwards. Once I knocked off I got back to work on an HTML representation of the Markov Garden probability table. Here, in lieu of a snippet is a visual fragment of the table generated by Nick Mack’s The Prince.

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 5.49.20 PM

It still needs a lot of work. When something contains as much information as a Markov Garden table, you have to think a lot about how to format it in such a way as to make it comprehensible. I think what I’m going to to is see what it does with a much smaller string, and build up from there.


So I decided that my existing side-projects were all too mercenary and that I needed to do something goofy. The goofy thing I decided to do centers around generating random text using Markov Chains. I’m learning Javscript as I go, and when I was ready to have it generate text from the probability table I wasn’t somewhere where I could connect to the internet, so I didn’t know how to generate random numbers. Just to test the generator I arbitrarily set it to retrieve the first word from the list of possible words. For various implementation reasons, this will give you the input text, unless certain kinds of repetition occurs.

As an input text, I used the last two paragraphs here, because I thought it would be funny, and a little meta. After all this explanation, this will probably be a little disappointing, but the point is I got this:


and I thought it was totally hilarious.

More Authoritative Statements on Literature from Joaquin

Here is an innocuous household object rendered creepy by the magic of Instagram.

So my forearms are a train wreck, but I’m now a blue belt. I guess I’m provisionally excited about that. For a while now I’ve been going to either sparring or curriculum classes, but not both. I think I’m going to be assiduous about covering more bases in the immediate future. It’s certainly less expensive than going out instead.

I’m about halfway through The Stranger’s Child and it’s as good as I expected. It also throws into stark relief the element missing from all of those Austen and co. novels about people sitting around in fancy houses doing nothing: booze! Maybe instead of gimmicky bullshit like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and its ilk, someone should intercut those old books with scenes of people getting drunk and making it. In the final analysis, I’d probably still find them incredibly boring, but you can’t really get much worse than the source material.