So I got into audio-books in January or so, starting with The Hare With Amber Eyes. Because listening at home meant that I’d get distracted and miss things, I started taking long, directionless walks in order to get through the text (sic?) The Hare With Amber eyes is good for this, being compelling but ethereal, I recommend it.

More recently, I decided to consume White Noise in the same way. During that period of my life when everyone was reading DeLillo, I had some sort of aversion to him that was totally sui-generis. Unfortunately, despite having no external basis, this prejudice was completely correct. White Noise is bad.

The book is from ’85, which I guess sort of makes the flabbiness of the critique of consumer culture easier to understand, but it also means that he was an early adopter of the reactionary line in the departmental culture-war phenomenon. Kind of weak (just like his writing.)

Types of Dust

I have observed some bodies of water.

I know I said that I was going to put non-MITM pics here, but I felt like my production/consumption ratio was off on IG, so everything is here now.

I am a bit encouraged by the fact that while I reach “sterile promontory” more or less constantly, I never quite get to “pestilent congregation of vapors.”

The Meaning of Idleness

I was listening to a podcast recently which focused on the Statute of Labourers 1351 and it kind of boggled my mind. Nobody is more inclined to think the worst of nobility than me, but the fact that what these people thought they needed to focus on in the middle of the Black Death was suppressing wages really says a lot. I was also struck by how venerable the practice of pretending you are concerned about the social ill of “idleness” when you are concerned that you might have to pay someone a reasonable amount for their labor.