Aged Mechanical Reproduction in the Work of Art

In a recent trip to Portland I visited their extremely nice Ansel Adams exhibition. Several of the displays were made up of grids of smallish prints in card frames with signatures. Because of their size and age, and the fact that the exhibit was dimly lit, it was sometimes difficult to make out some of… Continue reading Aged Mechanical Reproduction in the Work of Art


So I got into audio-books in January or so, starting with The Hare With Amber Eyes. Because listening at home meant that I’d get distracted and miss things, I started taking long, directionless walks in order to get through the text (sic?) The Hare With Amber eyes is good for this, being compelling but ethereal,… Continue reading Unbooked


The other day I spaced out and ended up near work a bit early the other day, so I wandered around and took pictures. In direct contravention of my usual position on these things, they were mostly horizontal. People say that depressives respond better to times of great trouble, given that they always feel bad.… Continue reading Horizontal

Good Stuff

One crow or a whole murder: usually fine. Pairs of crows: always deeply suspicious. Animals staring into the distance. . . The pensive prince of dirt. Boot dog. Sort of unrelated, I guess.