And Yet It Moves

As promised, moving images.

Some self defense.

Some forms.

Some sparring.

I feel a little ambivalent about this, but this break was probably the highlight of my test. It was a little uncertain that I’d be able to arrange people properly, and I hadn’t previously broken any boards with a chop. The breaks only at the end, but I like all of this because even without being able to hear what’s going on, I think it gives a sense of the community at the school. Also, there’s a bit of a funny when I accidentally break one of the boards while I’m getting things set up.

I think some important stuff happened with this test.

Turn it Upside Down

So. . . Markov Garden.

As I work on it, I’ve been finding little bits that I like particularly, and putting them here

Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to find something in particular, and you just have to include the entire output of a run.

“I don’t want dozens of people came to your own father, you young Rip? This boy is a little glass of Bordeaux to his forehead, he seemed to grow to be able to do so; but, no persuasion would extract a word with any reference to George Washington, which was already scrubbed throughout; and between the Concord and the Doctor disquieted. “I would not have gone so far as he used his blue cap. What did you look at, and such earnest youth and beauty, was far more as though it pitted its gravity and longevity against the next pause, the counsel for and against. Among the first of the man who hungered, asked: “Is this rustic to be all of a country still containing himself, that Friday night in November, before the shoemaker replied:

“Indeed!” said Defarge, with three flourishes. She acknowledged their homage by bending her head, though not to be the old clerk; “we all have our various ways of gaining a livelihood. Some of the past.”

“Let me interrupt you for it is possible—that it may be taken down and praying agin me?”

“Is it possible!” exclaimed Mr. Lorry. “Yes—I—”

At any rate, I keep thinking “this weekend I’m going to release the books-only version” and then there’s some snag. One of these days it’s going to happen, but probably not in August. I think I’m going to be keeping busy at Temboo and testing for another belt at Stark Street Academy. Maybe if I take a few days off around Thanksgiving. Seems interminable, but I guess that’s the fate of side projects.

More Authoritative Statements on Literature from Joaquin

Here is an innocuous household object rendered creepy by the magic of Instagram.

So my forearms are a train wreck, but I’m now a blue belt. I guess I’m provisionally excited about that. For a while now I’ve been going to either sparring or curriculum classes, but not both. I think I’m going to be assiduous about covering more bases in the immediate future. It’s certainly less expensive than going out instead.

I’m about halfway through The Stranger’s Child and it’s as good as I expected. It also throws into stark relief the element missing from all of those Austen and co. novels about people sitting around in fancy houses doing nothing: booze! Maybe instead of gimmicky bullshit like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and its ilk, someone should intercut those old books with scenes of people getting drunk and making it. In the final analysis, I’d probably still find them incredibly boring, but you can’t really get much worse than the source material.

This Army and This Army

So I spent much of today on the security detail at a Kung Fu tournament. Now that sounds pretty scary, like my job is trying to keep Bolo from killing people and I’ll end up with him breaking my neck with his foot or something, but mostly it meant I had to keep the parents of the younger competitors from crowding the aisles between the rings in a somewhat ironic attempt to coddle the child they have brought here to be kicked in the face by other children.

The reason I was there helping out rather than there fighting is that my shoulder has been seriously borked for a while now. It think I just sort of slept on it wrong and due to some combination of desk jockying and Kung Fu managed to let it get pretty messed up. I am cautiously optimistic that I’m in the home stretch with it, but it has been a trial. It has also been someone illuminating. For example, when I’m sitting on the floor or out on the lawn, my habit in getting up is to simple launch my body off of the ground with my left arm (presumably so I can hold things in my right.) I also tend to lob really heavy things around when I do dishes. I suppose that in a way it’s a reminder that going forward I have to take it a bit easy on the casual displays of strength.


So in my new incarnation as the sort of person who owns a mouth-guard I went to Vancouver Washington for an honest-to-goodness Kung Fu tournament. I had sort of hoped to take pictures, but I spent a lot of time keeping scores, and it’s also hard to get photos when you are, you know, fighting. I got second place out of three, which is a paradigm case for f(x) = glass is half x, but I was pretty pleased. As it was my first tournament the goal that I had set for myself was to fight twice (i.e.: to not lose my only match), so that was a success.

Today, in my incarnation as the sort of person who takes classes in the hopes of improving upon his career I went and bought a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It was one-hundred and fifty dollars, and the fucking screen doesn’t have a backlight!

So there’s the range of activities.